From Sinner to Winner Reverend OG Willie J Aka Ministerr Willie Wiggins Jr Aka Apostle Wiggins

Published: 27th May 2010
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Willie Wiggins Jr Aka “OG WILLIE J, and now known as Minister Willie Wiggins Jr, Aka Apostle Willie Wiggins Jr, Aka Reverend OG Willie J, is a spiritually gifted Minister of GOD, Motivational speaker, Author, Entertainer, Song Writer, President and Founder of Strong Roots Productions. He has degrees in Psychology, Accounting, Music, and Ministry and is currently attending Kaplan University online. He is a spiritually gifted Ambassador of the LORD with gifts of Healing among many other spiritual gifts. As a motivational speaker and preacher he has a unique and exciting way of speaking that is helping people of all walks of life all over the country!

He is the Author of the book “OG Willie J The Jack Of All Trades” which is the true story of his life.

It gives raw testimony and confessions of the sins of Minister Willie Wiggins Jr Aka Rev OG Willie J. It tells of up’s and downs of his life’s as a street hustling thug, pimp, drug dealer, entertainer, model, and boxer right up to the man he is now. And also of his testimony of his salvation through Jesus Christ.

He used to talk his way in and out of all types of situations and became one of the greatest con artists ever. In his own words he says that “He was the scum of the earth”.

Now he talks adults, young adults, and teenagers out of a negative way of life that leads to a life of self destruction. In the schools and universities, he is a motivational speaker, teaching and convincing the youths, young adults as well as elderly people how to live and walk a straight path in life. He speaks to youths about staying in school, developing life skills, obeying those in authority, drinking and drugging and furthering their education.

In the churches he preaches the word of God, and gives raw testimony in an exciting way that captivates his audience. In other places he speaks as a motivational speaker teaching on life skills development and giving his testimony of life.

It can be purchased at Barnes & Noble and Books a Millions book stores nationwide or online at, Barnes&,,, or or call 301-695-1707 give ISBN# 978-1-4489-2191-1

If you would like to have Minister Willie Wiggins Jr Aka Reverend Og Willie J, come to your school, church, facility, or other engagement, call: 941-623-7897 or email or For more information on Willie Wiggins Jr book “THE LAST CHAPTER” go to:


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